London Collections Men Fall/Winter 2013 Day 2

The LCM day 2 is somewhat special to me and will remain in my memories for the rest of my life. As it being the first day of my Fashion Week experience EVER. Can you just imagine how scary and exciting was my Monday night? – Okay maybe I’m pushing it a little bit

Since this is only the standard review of the day, I’ll save all the personal comments and experiences for later as I will be posting exclusive pictures, pictures of details and trivias of all kinds.
In this post I’m going to focus mainly on the clothes, as you can see the usual 4 best outfits chosen carefully be me, and me only!


Let’s start with the main events then; Alexander Mcqueen and Vivienne Westwood along with Burberry and Tom Ford – have decided to take this incredible opportunity given by the BFC to display their main collection, here in London. Amazing, considering that they usually had to do that abroad in previous seasons.

Alexander Mcqueen, as one of the most interesting and elaborated designers around when it comes to giving the clothes a dark-edge and dramatic story, showcased the collection in a very exclusive and private venue – yup, apparently there was a single row and only the elite had access to it! -in London.
The outwear with oversized silhouttes and “funny sizes” were just a snack of the main collection.
The Brit fashion house played with shapes for the F/W 13, making very big coats and going for deconstructing and patching ultra-bold colors such as bright Red to deep black on them. We also see featured patterned nightwear that brings to mind of the design of a cathedral church window, and incredibly weird transparent plastic masks.

James Long also displayed a very great collection, as he found inspiration from the fabric tones and the quirkiness of print and style of John Waters – and his movies – .  
MR LONG main focus was on the bomber jacket, different materials were used and reinvented into a different kind of bomber outwear, making it look like a lighter version of a leather jacket. Macs and bombers made of woven chenille were also discovered during his runway show. Striking and remarkable are the embroidered pink falmingo sweater and the crazy colorful prints shirt. Simply a great collection that doesn’t let anybody down.

YMC pulled out the hat an amazing show as well, focusing just like Long on the outwear. Amazing are the padded jackets, the long coats and the super cool biker leather jacket. All throughout the collection, they used hats on all the models, which gave a very great effect as a whole.

Other designers displayed the collection the same day such as Oliver Spencer, Nicole Farhi and Margareth Howell.
Don’t you guys forget to stay tuned as I will be showing exclusive pics of the second day of LCM!!