London Collections Men Fall/Winter 2013 Day 1

Oh yes, you might still have the “Christmas-holidays” blues and feeling a bit down about the void left from the Christmas pudding, but don’t you worry. I’m here to cheer you up with the best event you can go to in Britain around this time of the year; LONDON COLLECTIONS:MEN.

Of Course, What else did you think I was going to talk about?
It’s been two days already since the start of LCM – let’s call it this way to make it snappier – and it’s been very eventful, no… let me rephrase it. It’s been MARVELOUS!

Unfortunately I didn’t really have the chance to attend the first day due to unschedule/unbooked shows and you know all that jazz. So I’m afraid that I have to show you MY favourite outfits from each shows displayed on day 1. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start talking about LOU DALTON.

In all honesty, I overall enjoyed the collection; it had really interesting key-pieces in the latest fall/winter collection. I very much adore the military/olive green jacket, the details on the collar just take my heart away. Utterly surprising was the tartan choice of the trousers, which was displayed in more than one garment. Quite Scottish and we certainly like that without any of the Haggis, of course.
The funny thing is that I saw the collection up close and while I was browsing through the clothes I just couldn’t resist but longing on the boots. Made of leather and having the brass detail on the front just give them that WOW-factor. – I will be posting the pictures of ’em tomorrow

Topman Design was of course another main runway show of the day, starting its collection with oversized winter parkas complete with fur, which seems to be one of the key-garments for the brit high street company. Trousers have gone looser with very roomy shapes and going in a completely opposite direction to the beloved skinny trend.
I was somewhat surprised by the color palette of most of the garments, it ranged from white to bright orange and again to pink/magenta. A very different show that could slightly be confused for a S/S if it wasn’t for the winter outwear; the parkas and the peacoats. Incredibly interesting are the accessory-range. How can you just not be interested in the Topman survival-backpacks?!? They are perfect for any kind of extreme situation/condition as they come with a compass, iPad case and …wait for it, a hip flask! MOUNT EVEREST, bring it ON!

Now let’s get to my favourite show of the day; the one and only, in few words the show that I enjoyed the most; HACKETT LONDON! Yes, these guys nailed it, every single piece of clothing was elegant, and displayed the English heritage that, personally, I love very much.
The show opened with very dark and very gentlemen-like outfits, most of the suits and tailoring were grey/charcoal and swerving around that color-range, but that soon developed and near the end it blossomed with an explosion of more intense and bright colors such as yellow-mustard and sapphire-blue.
Of course, it’s almost needless to say that the tailoring is just superb and the attention to detail is given to every single garment. From the accessories such as the ties, gloves and hats, to the ready to wear and so on.

Great were also the Lee Roach shows – saw the collection in person today at the Hospital Club -, very dark and almost-futuristic to MR START and Richard Nicoll.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first day of the LCM and look out for the second day, which brings more into the table when it comes for the next Autumn/Winter stuff. Yes, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Mcqueen + BURBERRY all showed their main collections here in London for the first TIME!.

Also, don’t forget that you will see/get exclusive pictures – taken from me of course – and NEWS of some of the shows that displayed their clothes on LCM day 2…..

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  • I am COMPLETELY in love with the tartan pants look from Lou Dalton. The buckles on the lee roach jackets are always completely capturing my whimsy!
    Great review of LCM! (:


  • i love these collections, you have a great taste!
    a big kiss my dear!