London Collections Men Day 2: Duchamp and Common

Here’s some more photos of LCM day 2, starting with the elegant collection from Duchamp, and the more edgy and modern one FW14 Common.

Duchamp presentation shows a collection full of prints, suits, pocket squares and ties for the Brit gentlemen who loves to dress well at all times; from tiny small dots to larger polka dots, going to Luxe materials such as Velvet blazers and tweed jackets. A very strong collection for all the men who need to have the smartest clothes, always.


Interesting was the setting for the Duchamp presentation, with three groups of gentlemen enjoying themselves while playing poker, or talking on couches and sipping on a cocktail, or battling against each other with their fancy umbrellas. A surreal atmosphere that takes you back in time.


Common shows an appreciation for modern prints, bold colours and sleek greasy hair; the blazers are shiny and ultra sleek with a skinny silhouette; interesting is the combination of the white turtle-neck under a shirt or a sweater, a look that we saw as well at Pringle of Scotland!


A new trend spotted for the next FW14, perhaps? Elegant elements are still available at Common, such as the grey wool double-breasted jacket seen on one of the models. Instant love, we say.