LCM at the Hospital Club

The Hospital Club was one of the main venues used for London Collections Men, It wasn’t just a place of gathering. Inside the building you could also find showcased the best of british menswear.

It was possible to have a look around each room and find many interesting brands displaying their collections. It was a great way to check the clothes out from a close distance and as well be able to speak and ask questions to the people who were representing each designers.

Berthold for example, impressed me quite a lot with their collection. It was also great to speak to the man who explained everything about the inspiration, for example one of the prints was the pattern of a gutter found in the streets and the very handy man-clutches – they can be held around your wrist or even around your belt!!

The House of Nines also had a wonderful stand, with incredibly beautiful outfits, lots of knitwear and outwear with a dark color pallete. Leather was as well used as a material for details such as the little belt on the collar of my favourite jumper.

Lou Dalton captivated my attention with their amazing boots, used during their runway show.
The girl on the stand was super lovely and showed me each outfit. A collection that I really enjoyed as I thought it was very wearable and similar to my taste.

This is only the first part of my experience at the Hospital Club, so keep an eye for PART B!

  • Ashley says:

    Loving everything, especially those shoes!