Kenzo Spring/Summer 2013 Tiger Fever Editor’s Pick

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Do you really want to know what my current obsession is? KENZO!

Kenzo, Kenzo, Kenzo… how should I start talking about Kenzo without sounding a 14 years old Bieber fan? Well, let’s just start with being totally honest…I am just crazy in love with the brand and the extent of my recent obsession is clearly shown through my phone and laptop which are already set up with the clouded leopard print – everyone seems to go cray cray for – as the current wallpaper.
How can you blame me though?
The Kenzo spring/summer 2013 collection is so refreshing and young, evoking the beauty of the jungle fauna and flora. In the mix we also get to see the Tiger fever print, another viral element among bloggers and fashion enthusiast – oh hey Chiara Ferragni! -. But let’s not rush into this too quickly,  so here’s my list of Kenzo favourites.


The ultimate favourite garment has got to be the clouded leopard print shirt, both in a long sleeve and short sleeve version. I just find myself in awe whenever I get to see the print and I think it looks very high fashion without screaming for attention, definitely a different take on the classic army camouflage or the classic leopard print. AVAILABLE for £200 @KENZO. If you love the print, you can get the shorts as well which go perfectly with the shirt. BUY THE LEOPARD PRINT BERMUDA 


The tiger print sweater seem to have become a classic statement – It’s been classified as Permanent icon! – for the brand, having basically every blogger on planet earth wanting a piece of it and constantly having a high demand and always end up running out of stock, you get a new chance to get a second batch of sweaters, available in Red, Blue and Grey – the red is amazing…almost as good as the green oneBUY THE TIGER FEVER SWEATER


If you feel like spicing things up, you can get the black one with the gold stitches… it’s a great piece and was seen featured on the runway show back in Paris.
Another very cool sweat is the tiger-striped one, it is very simple yet chic. I was very leaning to try that one on.


The jacket-range is also very interesting, I basically went into store the other day to try out a shirt and had a really close look at the few outwear garments. I fell in love with the trench coat with the leopard sleeves and the tiger embroidered on the back, now you can also find on the website the two-tone leather jacket – It looks very baseball-ish…something about the shape really – with the same elements on the back, and the removable sleeves, just in case you want to show what you’re wearing underneath. Pretty clever aren’t they? BUY THE JUNGLE LEATHER JACKET


Kenzo‘s accessory range is also expanding further and further, having bracelets and rings for women, now for men, you can get the very cool gangsta-style hats or macbook cases to use as a manclutch. Towels or even handbags – totes and such

  • Oh Kenzo is great isn’t it? They have some really cool and quirky pieces that I like! I hope you might want to check out my personal style blog too, I’m from the countryside of England :) :)