James Long Fall/Winter 2013 Menswear Show

James Long‘s F/W 13 show was a very special one as I mentioned many times on previous post and tweets. It was incredible to get invited to such a good show and I was over the moon when I’ve got my paper invitation through the post. I knew from the start that It’d not disappoint me….and let me tell you that I was so right!

If you’ve participated to LCM this year, you’d know that the main places were all around Covent Garden; The Hospital Club and The Old Sorting Office were the two locations where most shows were displayed.

Mr Long was scheduled for Tuesday the 8th of January just in New Oxford Street; Time? 8PM.
You can imagine that it was a bit late since I was around since early in the morning that day.
I was tired and hungry but I’ve decided to make my move a bit early that night to be able to be the first in line; results? I’ve succeeded as I was about 50 mins early!

But being early is sometimes good, especially during fashion week as it’s the time you get to network a little.
Just outside The Old Sorting office that was where I got to know Andrew, fashion editor of SO SO GAY and Zyb, founder of MARCH AND FIGHT. Two very bright fashion peeps that were just too funny to be true.
I’d like to personally thank Andrew as he was pointing out every single important person in the business, what a man!

Another perk of queuing for so long was actually being able to see all the VIPs getting inside the venue. Yes, Oliver Cheshire and Henry Holland were only a few of the big names attending the fashion show that night!

Talking about Oliver, did you know that at the end of the show I got to be about 2 inches away from him? and Yes, I was also two seconds away to snatch him and take him home with me but I behaved…. Fudge, you need to up the freebies for next season because I want HIM in my bag, please don’t say no.

Once we got inside, we managed to find a great position to take picture with our cameras, and the show soon started. Right from the beginning I knew It would have been the best of the day.
As I mentioned on my LCM day 2 review about James Long F/W13catch up here if you have missed it – the collection was just amazing and definitely the most interesting I’ve got the chance to see. I enjoyed every single look as the clothes were funky and quirky.

Anyways, Cutting the story short, I’d just want you to enjoy the pictures I’ve taken as they are exclusives of TWS! I really hope you like them. ….BY THE WAY, Can you spot Oliver from the picture below? HAHAHA I’m not obsessed………I promise!

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