J.W Anderson Capsule Collection for MRPORTER

Thursday, February 13, 2014 0 No tags Permalink 0

J.W Anderson joins forces, once again with MRPORTER, in this exclusive and super gorgeous SS14 capsule collection, featuring amazing intarsia flower sweaters, denim biker jackets and geometric-detail t-shirts. As we already know, MRPORTER has always been a big fan of the brand which was established in 2008 and since then, it has been doing great thanks to its Innovative and quirky design.

Talking through our favourites: I particularly like the black intarsia sweater, being my favourite piece of the collection, as it’s a very delicate statement piece, and is the perfect example of blending the classic with a twist.

The denim biker jacket is also another very remarkable piece, we always see the leather version of the biker jacket, but J.W Anderson takes it to another level, offering something different. The indigo colour, the denim and the cut win it for me.

Here below, you can find all the photos of the exclusive collection and If you are interested in these pieces, you can click on the links below to discover it.

1) Printed Fleece-backed cotton sweater / £190
2) Flower Pattern Cotton and Wool Blend sweater / £265
3) Biker Denim Jacket / £760
4) Slim-Fit cotton shirt / £320
5) J.W Anderson Printed cotton t-shirt / £160