Hermes Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Catalogue

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Hermes has become over the years synonym of elegance and glitz, gaining the spot as one of the most prestigious firms in the fashion industry. As the new year begins, and people start to go back to work, I’d like to share this beautiful catalogue for the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 menswear collection.

Remember those beautiful outfits from the PFW show? Well they are being showed in these glorious stills featuring London at its finest. Trafalgar square and the river side of the Thames are two of the locations used in this photoshoot.

The F/W collection we saw a year ago in Paris, is the reflection of masculinity: It looks very classic and dark. Black and charcoal are the two most used colors for this latest clothing range, and the prints which portrays the trace of smoke and the figure of skulls evoke that opulent yet seducing fascination of the dark side. And How can we forget about the black alligator-skin shirt? It looks incredibly sleek and let’s not start talking about how expensive it is.

As you know we have fashion week starting soon, and we are going to discover the new 2013-14 collections but still there’s no reason why we can’t re-enjoy the great collections from the “past”. You can find/buy most of the garments in store and @ HERMES.COM

  • amo says:

    really nice

  • Amazing! really love this brand and their sense of elegance in details!


    Julia from

  • so refined isn’t it?