Graffiti and Street Art with Farfetch

Last week I was invited to spend an afternoon with Farfetch discovering the hidden beauties of Shoreditch and the secrets behind all the different graffitis and street art. Did you know that a real Banksy can be worth more than £250.000? and that you can download an app to find all the different space invaders around the globe?


I have to say that It was so great to spend some time with other fellow menswear bloggers and influencers, exchange ideas and have a laugh while going around East London to take some pictures together.


Of course, we managed to get some great pictures of the items picked from Farfetch. I decided to style and wear a neoprene sweater by Emporio Armani AW16 as seen on the runway, and mixed it with a pair of Tommy Hilfiger trousers and some mega cool TIJN glasses that gave me that intellectual look.


Ending our journey through Shoreditch/Old Street, the team took us for a burger at Meat Mission, and let me say. What a treat that was!





Ron x

farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-09 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-10

farfetch-armani-01 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-02 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-03 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-04 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-05 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-06 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-07 farfetch-graffiti-event-london-group-08