Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 Accessories and Details

I was very fascinated by the whole Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The outfits and prints look very-baroque, refined and rich. The details and the new images on the sweaters raise a certain interest as they are very different from what we’ve seen before.

One thing that I always tend to look out for whenever I watch a fashion show are the accessories. I always suggest people to invest their money on good accessories, they tend to be timeless, can be used over and over again and some of them even become highly collectible and get their prices risen by the year – for example, some of the handbags out there are worth 6 digits people –

I personally love all kinds of accessories: from elaborate scarves to quirky handbags, and once again Givenchy always manages to get my head turned. This time around I won’t be discussing about the magnetic nose rings – I have a separate post for that 😉 do not worry – 

Let’s start off with the shoes:
The Leather Sandals with the gold chain detail are the main bad boys of the latest Givenchy runway. Very quirky. I really like the look of them on the models but It’s not a product I’d personally buy. First of all I’m not a massive fan of Sandals but they are quite hard to pull off without looking ridiculous, hence the reason why they should just stay on the models’ feet

The Red High-Top Sneakers are another story. They are too very cool, and I can see them actually being in many people’s wishlist. The Stars strap is the little detail that simply catches my eyes. Pretty sure that we are going to see them on Kanye West real soon!

Printed Leather and Cotton Pouches are the aces for this Spring/Summer collection.
Relatively small and with different design on each of them, these will be daring and will show off the fashionista in you. Exclusives and amazing to carry around, how can you not just fall in love with them?
Riccardo Tisci‘s vision and inspiration is sealed into this collection which apparently came from his Son’s communion. Religion and mysticism are fused into textile and transformed into fashion items such as handbags, sandals and blazers.

Prices are yet to be released but please stay tuned for more, in the meanwhile enjoy the pictures and remember that this time around God is definetely in Givenchy’s detail!

  • Denis Arman says:

    Oh I hate the sandals but I really love the other things!

  • Tiffany says:

    love it! small details and accessories are so important to an outfit

  • Frau_Eismann says:

    Pretty collection!

    welcome to my lovely fashion blog!

  • great stuffs you share here!

  • Ale J. Ben says:

    me tooo it’s amazing Givenchy 😉 love it love it love it

  • Vítor M. says:

    Givenchy is awesome. Thanks a lot for your comment. I really apreciated it.

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