Givenchy Pre Fall/Winter 2012 Editor’s Pick and Pricelist

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Givenchy is definetely one of those brands that grew on me, and I have to say it did pretty quickly! It might be because of the quirky outfits and kind of “gangsta” style – I mean c’mon, It’s probably the only brand that promotes men gowns and matches them with oversized bad-ass prints – or the really dark feeling it has. Eitherway It’s getting addictive and I’m loving a lot of the new Pre Fall/Winter collection, I’m loving it so much that if I could I’d buy it all in a heartbeat – if only my credit card balance wasn’t in red, of course – !

Now getting down to business and talking about the gorgeous t-shirts, I am positive to say that I’m so going to own at least one piece of the bunch… and I’m so thinking about the Angel Crest print. It’s cool, different and edgy… everything I’m looking for really.

Apparently though, the Shark t-shirt and sweatshirt have been rocking the Givenchy sales – Riccardo Tisci must be so happy -. According to Mr Porter the Shark T-shirt – which is going to replace the Rottwailer print from the previous F/W collection – has managed to go out of stock on the same day – It took only a few hours to be exact – it was available on the website, pretty crazy huh?!? Luckily enough they replenished both stocks this week and they are now available again @

For any other t-shirt, you have to wait till October 15th and you can currently pre-order your favourite print @ Luisa Via Roma. I know It’s a long wait but it will be totes worth it!

Talking about the prices… well the two t-shirts above are rispectively £165.00 for the Black Angel Crest and for the White Mermaid Print.

Now it becomes a whole different story when it comes to The Rottwailer and Shark prints which are both slightly cheaper and can be bought for £155.00 a-t-shirt… Not bad right?
Apparently the most expensive ones are the oversized Shark & Mermaid print (both in T-shirt and Hoodie) and the oversized Angel print …which can be owned for £297… bargain!

So what’s your opinion on this crazy-good shark inspired collection? Do you think it’s up to the challange to beat the super adored and talked “Bird of the Paradise” S/S 12 collection?
Please don’t forget to comment and stay tuned for more news :)

If anyone wanted to know the price of the septum/nose rings, they are actually out and ready to be pre-ordered @ Luisa Via Roma and are going to be sold for £166.00 for the small ones and £300.00 the bigger ones with the star. I remind you that they are both made of Swarowsky crystal and metal…so of course they are great quality and high standard. – SO EXCITED! –

PS: Just like Givenchy, Simone Nobili grew on me a Hell-of-a-lot! I LOOOOOOOOVE THAT GUY!

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