Givenchy Nose Rings Fall/Winter 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 1 Permalink 0
One of the most peculiar products from the latest Givenchy Menswear Runway show must definetely be these Studded Nose Rings. Forget about the stars and the rottweiler, these pieces of jewellery stole the attention of a lot of people, making a very fierce statement and appearing in different covers of magazines.

The Givenchy Nose Ring is peculiar enough and designed to hang from the nasal septum, very similar to the ones seen on punks or even on Ancient populations such as Incas and Mayans in order to give them a very bold and strong look. Think of the Minotaur from the Greek Mythology just in Givenchy… He’d look fab!


Reinforcing a very dark and punk look, The French Maison incorporated the pieces in the latest runway, making the nose ring a key piece of the collection along with the stars and stripes. The price of these little jems is still unknown but hopefully we will find out soon! Is anyone ready to order?


  • Amazing jewels! we will have to save money for that haha

    xo xo