Father’s Day Gift Selection: Made in Italy

Some Fathers are very easy to shop for, they like the usual stuff, a fragrance, a simple but modern razorblade, possibly made of the highest quality stainless steel, or just a simple white t-shirt – and then they would ask you why you have spent so much money -, but if you happen to have a picky dad who knows his fashion and likes to receive a good gift, or just happen to need some input for the next and upcoming Father’s day, have a read of my selection full of stylish garments coming from “ la terra del sole”, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about Italy!
Shirts & Ties is a retailer established in Venice by brothers Massimo and Attilio Vio and Fabio Vaccher, that focuses on brands entirely made in Italy, which is a synonym of quality and style. The brand gives you all that Italian fashion is well known for, superb tailoring and attention to detail.
Our selection for Father’s day has a mix of everything that a father could need, from prices starting at £80, and going up to £700 , you can tailor your shopping surprise according to your budget!
  1. Finamore formal plain white shirt £220: There’s white shirts and then there’s great white shirts, I always recommend to invest in a good quality one, as you can quickly tell when you have just bought a cheap one, everyone likes to look good in a smart white shirt, you can be 18 or 80, and it will certainly be appreciated by any picky father. Slim fit, completely hand stitched and 100% cotton, it features buttons in mother of pearl for that luxurious and elegant finishing touch and of course, this shirt is made in Italy, crafted by some of the finest tailors in Naples using traditional techniques and skills passed down from generation to generation!
  1. Cantarelli Single breasted Italian suit £750: If you have deep pockets and an eager desire to surprise your old guy, pick up an Italian tailored suit, to use at special events or for the office, this suit is perfect for different occasions, quintessentially Italian, this suit will go down a treat! Shirts & Ties offer a tailoring service, now what’s better than that?
  2. Truzzi shirt navy stripe £160: Another shirt has been selected, if you think your dad might have an endless collection of whites, or think he would like a stripy shirt, as the Finamore, it features mother of pearl buttons, is stylish, and definitely french Riviera-approved (at a lower price without losing any quality)! Pack the shirt with two tickets for a cruise to surprise both your parents.
  3. Moka Da Due hand made leather shoes £260: One thing you can be sure of from Italians, apart from good food, is superb quality leather shoes, big brands such as Burberry make their shoes in Italy, and that’s something! Moka Da Due, which literally means Two Mochas, are black leather mocassins, perfect for the summer season, to wear with colourful socks, or without to show the ankle. If your father is into shoes, then these will be highly appreciated. (I might buy a pair myself for my father and I!)
  4. Orciani “Nobuckle” Burgundy pure leather belt £150 : Sleek in look and style, this 100% leather belt will finish off the ultimate sharp look, an accessory that will be stored and used over and over again (as a timeless piece) and last for a long time; firstly for the incredible quality and also because it is fully adjustable for any waist line! That will make your father say thank you and maybe approve your mini-loan you have been asking for.

It’s the thought that counts, and for a reasonably priced gift, ties come in as the perfect solution. Don’t be boring, go for some bold prints that catch the eye, in here, you can see the colourful personality ties, made of 100% pure silk and hand stitched, the attention to detail is at its best here.

Following the big success of their main shop in Venice, Shirts&Ties branched out of Italy, they opened their first store in London, in the city where all the big business guys work. You can pop by if you wish for a one-to-one tailoring service
Address: 15 Cullum street, EC3M 7JJ

The store is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, closed at weekends and bank holidays but can open by appointment only.

FOR FREE DELIVERY SERVICE, USE THIS SPECIAL CODE : 12623 Please note: Free shipping is to UK Mainland only and can be redeemed on shoes, accessories and shirts! Don’t miss out on this special opportunity.