Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2013 Editor’s Pick

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Sicilian ways and the sicilian lifestyle, that’s where Dolce and Gabbana‘s S/S13 inspiration was taken from. It is so beautiful and visually striking that it’s very hard to forget.
You may not be a fan of full-on prints, the kind of prints that are too much in your face, the baroque ones in particular, but still you just have to love D&G this time around.
So here’s a simple list of my favourite things with the price-list and where you can get buying those beauties.

Flowers, dots, and decorations are very much an entree for this collection, high-waist trousers and oversized t-shirts are also another big deal for the Italian brand.


Starting off with the blazers, my absolute favourite has got to be the printed silk-jacket, it is damn refreshing and the blue-marine colour just makes it look even more summerish, then you got a few decorations and embellishments to give the jacket a very southern-italian finish.

If you are looking for a shirt, then don’t worry… Dolce and Gabbana has PLENTY!
I somehow find myself having an obsession for the String-Puppet print shirt, the details and the design are outstanding, something I would definitely wear. I can see the print being made into something else, like a scarf or a tie, maybe?
*Other options are available, such as the COTTON CANVAS PRINT SHIRT

Now getting some serious talk about the shorts, I am absolutely loving the pin-striped canvas-silk shorts. They are incredibly beautiful and just great if you love to show some legs, the high-waist adds a bit of high-fashion sense to the shorts, that’s for sure. Mix them with a white t-shirt or a long-sleeve jumper, the possibilities are almost infinite with those bad boys!

Last but not least, we certainly cannot forget to talk about the Shoes, that’s for sure! We get a taste of D&G sandals and all that lace-up shoes. A dream made by the Italian duo that’s almost as good as a fairytale.

  • Very cool collection and loving the Sicilian influences


  • These are always on top of fashion industry brands, but always low on prices.Which is my favorite ones when it comes to my shopping brand.
    Extremely cool collections.