Daks Fall/Winter 2014: 120 Anniversary

The second day of MFW had a very intense and interesting schedule, with brands such as Prada, Bottega Veneta and Ferragamo showcasing their collection, we knew they would be pretty big brands to crack, going against the most elegant Italian tailoring and creations can be very tough; however, the show was stolen by a British brand; Daks.

Celebrating its 120 anniversary, the designer ensured to leave you satisfied with his wonderful collection, starting with an incredible venue; The Daks menswear collection is a celebration of the quintessentially Brit-style that is re-known worldwide for its importance and style.
As seen on the runway, from the start, the collection is very rich, being made with the most precious materials such as Cashmere, the best wools and cottons. Remarkable, were the fur scarves and the leather coats and trousers.
The inspiration was mainly influenced by the royal guards, and the military. The colour palette was very neutral, lots of Creamy hues such as camel, beige, khaki and an endless selection of whites; to make it even richer, a few drops of reds and gold were added to embrace that royal and expensive touch and reminding that it’s a celebration of 120 years from the birth of the all-brit Brand.
The Accessories collection features products to keep you warm during the cold winters, from furry hats, to the deer leather-skin gloves; the finishes and the attention to detail, doesn’t fail to impress and shows how incredible the brand is, at ensuring a rich finish.
Some of my favourite pieces are: the red leather jacket featuring the golden buttons, the cape with the signature brand’s house check, and the oversized parka. Next Fall/Winter 2014 is expected to be dominated by the Brits, in the English-fashion invasion; So far, the best show from the first two days of #MFW, hands down.