Choose Your Orlebar Brown: The Springer Fit

Our last focus today will be about the Springer… think about the shortest shorts you could think of, well Orlebar Brown made it possible: creating the ultimate short shorts – and that’s how the Springer came to life.

A whopping 4 cm shorter in-leg and built from a 23-piece pattern, these are definitely for all the guys who aren’t afraid to show off. I absolutely adored this specific fit and – ahem – being a fan of speedos, I just had to end up loving these ones, hadn’t I?

Just like the previous fits, these are tailored made and quick dry technology, perfect and very easy to pack in any luggage/handbag/backpack. The springer is available in different shades that ranges from Navy to Sky, White to Red.

In this photoshoot I was wearing a pair of pair of Navy Springer shorts. The price for these is £125.00 – a reasonable price to pay if you wish to look good at the beach!


1) OB Springer Navy Shorts

PS: Tomorrow I am going to reveal what the OB team and I came up with, it’s going to be OH so exciting – so sit tight and come back!