Choose your Orlebar Brown: The Bulldog


Orlebar Brown gets me excited everytime, and I was over the moon to come up with this incredible collaboration with the brand – I know summer is almost over but It’s always the right time time to go abroad and have some fun away in the sun, right?  So why not do it in style with the best swim short brand out there?

Choose your Orlebar Brown is all about getting to know the different types of shorts available from the brand, Whether you are laying on the beach in Miami, The French Riviera or Dorset, when it comes to swim-wear, looking good and being comfortable can still be tough for some; for example some people prefer longer cuts, other really like something short; and for the really brave ones out there, O.B offers the shortest shorts you can imagine, so are you ready/courageous to show off your legs?


On this first post, we talk about The Bulldog fit, a mid-lenght cut pair of shorts featuring the most amazing photographic prints; fusing together style and comfort, the tailoring is incredible and the material dries super fast! – All that you need really, if you feel like investing in some decent swim-wear. These shorts are especially recommended for men in their 30s – think David Beckham or Jamie Redknapp -.


In this photoshoot, I was wearing the Road Show shorts, the print was found from the Hulton Gerry archives. Unfortunately these specific pair of shorts are not available on the website, but alternatives are available in store and online. The prices for the bulldog shorts start at £135.00 for the basics and £195.00 for the printed ones.


1) Bulldog Gray Malin Edition
2) Bulldog Beach Frivolty
3) Bulldog Miami Print