Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 Editor’s Pick and Pricelist

 The metallic shades have just invaded the globe with their colorful brassiness and quirkiness, and they began infecting with this crazy-in-love trend right at Burberry with the latest Prorsum Sping/Summer collection.

*As always, if you’ve been naughty and missed the runway show, you can read my review with most of the looks by clicking on this link.

Now getting back to business, Let’s first talk about the very acclaimed Metallic-range, Everyone’s been gone crazy over it, Bryan Boy and Chiara Ferragni were only a few of the first fashionistas to get their hands on a few of the pieces that went through a brassy-post process.
Outwear wise, we get to see the metallic silk rain coat; a single breasted “gabardine-looking” coat, made in Italy and available only in Blue; this amazing outwear was tailored to make you shine bright from the crowd.

The other option available was a total-pink metallic trench coat, OH YES you’ve heard it!!! forget about the normal and “boring” trench; this time Mr Bailey decided to go all the way and pimp the most iconic piece of the fashion house. Crafted in fine silk and laminated with a thin layer of foil, this peculiar coat is for the fashionistas and the ones who love being in the center of the attention. The question is, do you think you can take it? The gabardine silk rain coat is available online and in-store for £1895.00 while the bright-pink trench coat is selling for £1995.00. Not bad if you consider unleashing the most eccentric fashion icon in you!

If a coat isn’t for you, then there are still other metallic solutions you can come down to. Let’s not forget about the Slim-fit metallic shirts, available in two different tones and shapes – a short-sleeve shirt is available too– , Stone Blue and Pale Powder Green, these shirts are just perfect for you if you still want to look up-to-trend without giving it all out too much. Perfect underneath a tweed two-piece suit or a leather jacket, you can find these online or in-store at £350, definitely a little more reasonable and worth considering if you don’t feel like spending too much!

Accessory-wise, you get even a bigger range for the Metallic lovers out there, As you can see in the picture on the bottom, Wallets, Card-Holders, Ipad cases are only a few of the many things that got the funkiest summer make over. The leather totes who come to store with a bold and modern cut were made with a precision finish to endure the ticking of the clock, Available in metallic petrol blue, metallic cowslip and stone blue, these beauty can be owned for just £995.00.

Thinking to protect your beloved ipad? No problem, Burberry didn’t think twice to create the perfect fashion accessory for the perfect tech-savvy. The color palette is pretty extensive with at least 6 colors available – Pink, Purple, Gold are only a few on the list – to choose from. And how about pushing it a little bit further and own the crocodile-skin-like cover?!?….As if it couldn’t get any cooler than THAT!

If the metallic works just like Marmite for you – and you are on the hate-side of the spectrum – , then you can still find many alternatives to match a slightly more tamed taste; Prints were also a very popular element during the latest S/S collection, coming with a bold geometric design to bring out the freshness and stylish edge of the brand – for example the Geometric diamond print Caban available for £1995.00 – or Abstract designs with the Slim-fit printed shirt with a particular yellow pattern and a bold navy “cross” in the middle to give a striking visual effect and the short-sleeved printed silk-blend shirt, or with a baby-blue wavey-like abstact pattern all over.

Bombers, if you remember, were reprised from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, just for this S/S this type of jackets are completely made out of shiny leather – yes, metallic stuff again, what can I say? A metallic kinda love -, or made of light-materials for a less chill weather. The Quilted cotton-blend jacket for example is available online for £1395 while the super-heavy Bicolour Metallic Bomber is sold for a whopping £2995.00! Not so bad at all!

Whether you are a hard-core fan like me, or just appreciate from time to time the magic that Christopher Baileys creates, it seems almost impossible not to say that this collection has the balls, the creativity and the eccentric nature to be remembered over the years by the fashion connoisseurs and alike! Yes, people will definitely keep on talking!

  • Love the metallic!!!