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Finally I’m back here to talk about Fashion again, and how about starting again with some Burberry news? If you haven’t noticed, Burberry opened a brand new store right by Regent Street, one of the most expensive and trafficated streets in London.

The opening of the shop, which is of incredible size ( about 2500 square metres) took place a couple of days before the Spring/Summer womenswear fashion show and gave a great impression to the people who were invited.


This Burberry store will give you an incredible experience, fusing the digital with reality, giving an incredible and sublime experience throughout your shopping journey.


It has been said that over 400 speakers and over a 100 lcd screens will be available in store, but do you guys think that’s enough to experience this multimedia adventure? Burberry promises us that it will be something we never seen before, we will be able to hear the classic rain so recognized by the Brit people, and tons and tons of pictures that will appear on the different screens in the shop.

Another interesting fact is that there won’t be the stereotypical tall bodyguards to open the doors, there will be plenty of room for events such as private gigs and the pick up on store option will be made available in Regent Street.

The first floor for example is exclusive for the showcase of a collection of trenchcoats and coats which date back the 20th century. The bespoke experience which made a great impression online, will be finally come to live in store and will give the customers the experience and chance to customize their products. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You can also have a look above the exclusive and limited collection of handcrafted trenchcoats (available for men and women) and accessories created to celebrate the lunch of Burberry 121 regent street, incredibly rich and made with the best materials an artisan could ever find!

So is this enough? I’m honestly looking forward to go and visit as soon as possible!

  • Stefan says:

    Wow, the store looks amazing.
    My favortie of the jackets at the pictures is the dark brown one.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  • Thanks for visit and comment :)
    sure, what about GFC and Bloglovin’??