Best Looks of 2013

I am really sorry for the late post but have been busy traveling to Paris and enjoying the new year abroad, though I haven’t forgot that I needed to do a post with the Best Looks of 2013;
2013 was an incredible year filled with collaborations, new journeys and meeting new people.

Orlebar Brown, Royal Hem, Harrods and Realm & Empire were only a few of the companies we collaborated with, and I am pretty sure the 2014 is going to bring more new stuff and exciting posts!
I am going to be traveling a bit more, which is great if you like traveling pics – check my Instagram! -. Tomorrow, the new FW14 season of LCM, and It’s really safe to say that I just cannot wait to see what the designers are going to bring to the table this season. Bring on 2014 guys!