Best Looks of 2012

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 3 No tags Permalink 0

I probably should have proposed this just before the end of the year, but I also suppose it’s never too late to show you my best looks of 2012 in just a post so you don’t have to go look for them in the archive!
There’s not much to say except that I’m still in awe everytime I see them. Especially the ones from “It’s all about Burberry” shoot!
If you have missed some of them, or you simply are a new follower of The Wild Swans, then this is your chance to catch up! So, what do you think? Pretty rad huh!

  • fashionbraid says:

    Oh god youre really handsome and i just loved your style!!

    Style Braid

  • great job! congrats to your best looks ^^