Bang on Trend VOL II

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Once again I get the chance to go through the latest fashion and trends with you guys, I’m very excited because the first post was quite a success and I definetely enjoyed writing about what’s HOT and what’s not at the moment!

As Christmas is just around the corner and the autumn leaves just started to fall down, we can have a look at the things you can find in the Trend Areas of all the major shops in the high street…
Students are renowned to be the major consumers and the ones who make the trendy stuff flood the highways, which is a very good thing as designers constantly take into account the people avarage taste.
Now I picked another four very trendy things that I’ve seen recently being worn by many; these are: Animal prints, Triple and Double Denim, Parkas and Leather.
I’d say enough with the introduction so we can get the BANG ON TREND VOL II started.

Animal Lovers: This is one of the things that is completely rocking the stores. Designers love it, the high street loves it too. Everybody seems to have gone crazy for the Animal prints. Make it the face of a dog or fox on front of a sweatshirt, or manyย  pet doodles in a shirt, the animal kingdom has won the heart and the spot on our clothes for this Fall/Winter season.


Leather it up Man!: It’s not only Hermes that leathered their stuff up for this Winter, many other fashion companies are offering leather garments. I absolutely adore the feel and smell of a good leather jacket, and It can be very versatile making you look very cool. As well Leather never gets too old-fashion and can stay and be re-used for many times without worrying about it going out of fashion! If you want to glam an outfit up, then you should consider in investing in a good pair of leather gloves or a leather bag. Little accessories that will definetely enhance the way you look without dressing you down.


P is for PARKA: Parka, where should I even start… Well, the Parka is a heavy jacket used in the arctic areas, It comes with a hood usually made of fur and it is an amazing piece of garment if you are the type of person – like me – who can’t stand the cold long winters. You can find many different styles and colors and I have to say that they are pretty rocking the scene at the moment. Casual yet very interesting looking, the Parka is an incredible jacket to use in the city and in the country.
Some of the most famous Brands are Woolrich, Canada Goose and Carhartt but almost every brand offers this type of Jacket


D.D.D: The denim is one of the most used piece of material ever made, Incredibly revolutionary, Jeans have invaded our everyday life for generations and everyone owns at least a pair of denim in their closet. Triple denim, now that’s where the things get more interesting, It’s all about wearing denim from head to toe… I know some people find it hard, but there are many that can rock this style, combine a denim Shirt with Jeans and denim Jacket, I admit it might sound a bit late 80s, but believe me It’s the new cool. It’s definetely a yes for me, it’s TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!


  • Stefan says:

    Really liked this article.
    Well written. Personally I don´t like animalprints but leather stuff is awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan ala SpeedTutorial