Bang on Trend VOL 1

Well… Welcome to Bang on Trend (VOL I)! I decided to spice the game a little bit more and have a section entirely about the latest trends and all the trendy people walking down the high streets. It’s going to be all about the street style and the fashion you see on many people strolling around your city. May it be London, New York or Paris.

It’s a very interesting subject because somehow there are certain things that seem going overly viral and then the next minute you just see that specific piece of garment in every single shop and on lots of people. Now I just want you to remember that trendy people aren’t original. Joey Essex isn’t a master of dressing and thinking outside the box.
He’s simply landing with a double arabian right on the Primary Trend Area of River Island, and stumbling out dressed like a cool kid. Easy enough to do! * soz Jo-jo *
I’d like once again to point out that I’m not here to snob or look down on it, Bang on Trend is going to be an indept/analization on/of the current trend and see what most people buy from the high street stores, of course I’m going to kid around a bit so just take it all with a light heart and a big sense of humour. I’m already getting all excited here.
So if you’re ready, let’s get this started!!!
*Please note, No mythological creatures ( aka Unicorns) were armed for the creation of this post lol
AZTEC OHH AH-AH!!: Aztec prints seem to have escalated and boomed in the past few months. It is definetely the latest summer trend of this 2012. You see Aztec on t-shirts, on shirts and on bags. Like we got suddenly catapulted back to the southern american primitive age. The only thing missing are the huge mesoamerican pyramids in the background to complete the whole look and we’re done.
Is it a Yay or nay?
CAMO-AMOUR: The Army look is back guys, back as strong as ever. The jackets seem to have transformed, ready for a battle in the jungle. Oversized, skinny fit and even chinos, let it all be guys… Camouflage is definetely the new “alternative” look. Twist it with denim and glam it up with a designer t-shirt! If you feel ready to go and fight for the best look out there, embrace the urban jungle trend and invest on camo.
DIP-DYE BABY!: I honestly think it’s really cool. Everything seems dip-dye nowadays. Hair trends have currently two tones and now this very viral trend has hit our clothes too. Denim jacket has lost some of their original colors near the ends, and t-shirts have a completely different color at the bottom. Unfortunatel this is not Alien matter, in fact there are a lot of tutorial out there to make your own dip-dye garments, very interesting if you feel like experimenting a bit. Do I think it will last? Probably not, in the meanwhile enjoy until you can!
FESTIVAL RUCKSACKS: You’ve gotta own one, If you’re the classic alternative cool kid there’s no way that you don’t already got one. C’mon I know you have it right there, don’t try to hide it! Rucksacks and festival backpacks seem to have boomed once again. You can find them made of different materials, size and pattern. Ang guess what people, you can find the Aztec and the Camo pattern ones too! Now, if you’ve seen 21 Jump Street… remember, this one you’ve got to double strap it! 😉
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    Nice post.
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    Have a nice weekend!

    Mr J Kane

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    NICE POST…!!!

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