A. Sauvage Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 Editor’s Pick

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Today I’d really like to talk about one of my new fashion discoveries: A. Sauvage is brit-brand established by Adrien Sauvage, a ghanian descent fashion designer who specialises on men’s sartorial and formal wear. The brand is only 3 years old but it’s collecting a lot of general interest from the public and striking the hearts of fashion-lovers.

As you can see, many of his creations are either classic former-wear all focused on the “by appointment/tailoring” idea or have taken inspiration from Mr Sauvage’s roots, in particular the beautiful Asafo print which shows a horde of sketchy tribal people with fish used as hats – interesting fact, apparently the one with the biggest fish is the fittest/strongest of them all – . The pattern is very clean yet so striking and quirky, you just cannot help but falling in love for such creation.

The Motumbo shawl jacket is made of 45% silk and 55% linen and makes it very lightweight and perfect for the Spring/Summer weather conditions. You can match the jacket with a formal pair of black trousers, or if you feel like over do it, you can find the matching chinos made of 100% cotton.

To complete the circle of the wonderful tribe, the polo t-shirt is the least expensive of them all and can still make you look very quirky, it has a full-button front and can work perfectly as a stand alone piece with a wooly plain cardigans and chino shorts. Yes, summer is coming and you will need something lightweight to show off when you go down to the beach!

You can buy the Jacket here – ASAFO PRINT SHAWL JACKET  –
the Trousers here – ASAFO CHINO TROUSERS 

Another big focus from this S/S season is the bomber jacket and A. Sauvage has made an amazing version of it, the best seller tan bomber jacket, made of 100% suede and contrast black rib can highly compete with the ones made by the most popular designers out there. This particular jacket can be found in other different hues – green and dark brown – but the tan seem to be the most famous of them all… and we do not blame the buyers whatsoever!

The Pescada petit bomber jacket is an incredible twist of the jacket, it is entirely made of amazon fish leather and the rustic and rough looks made the garment even more special. The texture is to die for and it looks great in person and on pictures… something Mr Kanye West would wear, I reckon! We just love this jacket way too much!

You can buy the Tan Bomber Jacket here – TAN SUEDE BOMBER JACKET –
The Pescada Bomber Jacket here – PESCADA BOMBER JACKET –

When it comes to accessories and leather, the brand gives us two main classic things: The biker leather jacket which comes handy for any occasions, it’s a statement piece and it never really goes out of fashion. It is so versatile as it can be dressed up or down and it’s a ‘MR COOL‘ must have.
The other is the man clutch / laptop case which takes us back to the pescada idea, made of 100% leather and featuring lots of tiny pescada metal tags, this laptop case is the ultimate accessory… I just love it and wish to have one to carry around..during fashion week as I know it would draw so much attention with the tiny soldier-like scales. You will certainly shine bright like a diamond with this folio case!

You can buy the Biker leather jacket here – JABBAR BIKER LEATHER JACKET –
The Pescada Folio case here – PESCADA FOLIO CASE –

If you still haven’t had enough, you can check out more of the ready-to-wear collection on their official website – http://asauvage.com/shop.html – and on the look book with my favourite garments just down below!

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