Tod’s Spring/Summer 2017 Presentation

Monday, June 20, 2016 0 , , , Permalink 1

Tod’s Spring/Summer 2017 presentation held at the Tod’s family villa in the heart of Milano was a pure treat to the eye; models casually sitting on sofas next to maxi screens depicting beautiful pictures of Italy mixing with fashion photographs seriously made us all go “WOW”


The brand, which is mainly known for its shoe collection, also presented a RTW selection, with a range of beautifully tailored jackets and blazers matching perfectly the style of the iconic Tod’s driving shoes, leather waxed jackets and summery trench coats also made an appearance, which showed how classic and timeless can win over fashion statement pieces.


The focus, though, was always on the shoe collection, with different styles presented at the venue. We managed to see the more classic range featuring the classic driving shoes, penny loafers, but also the sportier and fashion-forward sneakers collection which all had an incredible effect on the shoes. This was a true Italian dream.


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