Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation in Milan

In a modern world where technology and social medias have to meet the need of  savvy traveller, Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2016 collection was made 100% fit to target the modern man – having attended their presentation in Milan, I’ve managed to speak with the Ports team and have a better insight regarding such inspiration and the concept for the Ports guy.



Stylish, impeccably dressed and yet, always on the go, and with the need of having a range of clothes that will suit around his lifestyle. Nowadays, travelling has become incredibly easy and accessible – You can go from Tokyo, to London and New York in half a day, hopping from capital to capital without having to spend a fortune.


But Ports goes deeper than that, and it digs out the fact that at this day and age, we are able to make other people travel with us, through the power of the social medias: Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

That’s where the #FOLLOWME jackets, and accessory line were born, with the concept of letting others “e-travel” with us, and follow our adventures. For this Spring/Summer 2016, creative director Milan Vukmirovic created a sporty range, with lots of garments made of denim, featured in sandals, bomber jackets and summer pea-coats. A material that is durable, hardly wrinkles and can be dressed up or down, according to the occasion (see for example, the denim featuring the star prints).


The collection attracts as well, the fashion crowd, with t-shirts made of intricate tapestry, and seen as details on shirts or on the sleeves of a jacket. The materials chosen throughout the range are very luxurious, with Suede and lightweight fabrics as the main ones that make Ports 1961 a true winner at Pitti and MFW.