Ports 1961 Autumn/Winter 2016 opened MFW

Saturday, January 16, 2016 0 Permalink 0

The first show to open the hectic MFW was Ports 1961, with a location that made us go wow just facing the Duomo of Milano.
The new Autumn/Winter 2016 by Milan Vukmirovic took inspiration by the asian culture, borrowing elements and adding certain asiatic accents to the garments.


The creative director of Ports 1961 sent down the catwalk models (including the ever-stalked Lucky Blue Smith) wearing kimono-like overcoats, the classic camel featuring an outstanding fringing-details and guys wearing a quilt/skirt.

The camo-star was also reprised by the designer, who transformed and featured it onto all-black leather backpacks and hold-alls.


Intricate embroidery is featured on the bomber jackets, and as delicate bamboo on a navy suit. The love for Ports 1961 certainly lives on!


ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look03 ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look04-bag-details ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look04 ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look05 ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look06 ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look07 ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look08-finale ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-look09-finale ports-1961-menswear-mfw-autumn-winter-2016-lucky-blue-smith-look02