Pal Zileri Autumn/Winter 2016

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Pal Zileri keeps following its motto about making elegant clothes with an edge and revamping the whole brand with the “Avant-Craft” concept. On Saturday, the brand showcased its new collection in Milan at Piazza VI Febbraio: welcoming us inside, a game of lights and an incredible open space with a led-runway followed!


The AW16 collection, was all about the broken suits, loose and comfortable tailoring, and unusual materials used for tuxedos and capes such as leather and a creased velvet.

Geometric shapes and patterns were also found on the knitwear throughout. The selection of leather  large bags, and back packs is outstanding, and we also particularly enjoyed the oversized long overcoats in navy, grey and fawn.


You can see down below the photos we took of our favourite looks and the details of the key pieces

pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-details-03 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-finale-11 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-finale-details-12 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-04 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-05 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-06 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-07 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-08 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-09 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-key-look-10 pal-zileri-avant-gard-autumn-winter-2016-milano-suit-02