Issey Miyake Men Autumn/Winter 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018 0 , , Permalink 0

This season, Issey Miyake Men, delivered a collection taking inspiration from the urban life, contrasting different elements and pieces together, and of course, delivering clothes that are meant to last in time for the men that has a fast yet exciting life.


The show, which took place at La Gaite Lyrique, in Paris, was again all about crisp and minimal designers, and the creative director, Yusuke Takahashi, impressed us with this exquisite AW18 range, which is far from what certain brands are trying to achieve to impress people, adding extra unnecessary pretty elements; instead, as that’s what Japanese fashion is mostly about, Yusuke plays with silhouettes, different technical fabrics, and creates double face garments that can be worn inside out, according to the wearer’s mood.


Different geometrical patterns are found on crisp buttoned down shirts and on sweaters, while vertical stripes are seen as a striking element on the outerwear and suits. It seems like this season, among most designers, oversize was the keyword (Is the skinny fit dead?!).

Even Issey Miyake men had a very relaxed collection, with flowy pants, and looser blazers and coats. A delightful collection that needs to be carefully seen up close, to fully understand all the little hidden details.

Bravo Mr Takahashi-san.


issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-02 issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-03 issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-04 issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-05 issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-06 issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-07 issey-miyake-mens-aw18-look-08