Issey Miyake Men Autumn/Winter 2016

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Issey Miyake Men Autumn/Winter 2016 collection takes its inspiration from the primal nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia, carrying throughout the prints and motifs reminding of wild horseshoe and mixed colour patterns, it features oversized silhouettes and overcoats made of newly developed horse hair thread and wool, and voluminous knitwear in purple and bright blue.


Very exciting the introduction of the eyewear and sunglasses featuring blue reflective lenses, and the colourful hats. This Autumn/Winter 16 collection was presented at Palais de Tokyo and the show stage had hay and dry grass around the runway (which just fit perfectly with the models wild hair and the horse motifs)


issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-03 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-04 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-05 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-black-hat-08 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-finale-07 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-purple-02 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-purple-06 issey-miyake-men-autumn-winter-2016-collection-red-hat-09