Iceberg Autumn/Winter 2016 Presentation “The Reborn”

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Iceberg autumn/winter 2016 will be remembered as a collection to look back to, as the new UK born Creative Director “James Long” faced its new challenge in stepping in and creating a new line for the brand.


James’ signature style is shown throughout the Autumn/Winter 16 range, with bomber jackets featuring a tri-colored triangle print or as lines; these are translated onto the accessories and the shoe-line. Leather jackets, aviators and parkas are among the key pieces given to us by Mr Long.


The designer also surprised us with by introducing the “Iceberg Mickey Mouse”, as seen on t-shirts and as a mask on two models. Overall, the collection was a great fresh start for the brand, and Long has done an amazing job into easing his own style and signature on this range.

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