Dior Homme Winter 2016/2017 “The Art of Falling Apart”

Dior Homme is always the best stop on our fashion week schedule ,with an incredible show to look forward to, an invitation to die for, and an anticipation that eats you away, Dior Homme just really makes it all worth while!


Creative director “Kriss Van Assche” surprised us with a uber-chic skater park set featuring a red-lit giant chandelier and neon lights scattered around; this Winter 2016/17 was very different from the Spring/Summer 16 military inspired collection, this time the range featured a more grungy/punk look throughout.

On the runway we saw elongated biker jackets, floral print suits and coats, black and red lumber jack check on bags, and black roses pins that we’re sure will sell like hot cakes. The shoe game is also very strong, with leather chunky boot/shoes/trainers hybrids.


Kriss also mentioned “The collection is about taking elements of the past, but bringing them into the present and reflecting on where we are now, in the situation of today” he continues “it’s a moment in time for a contemporary generation”


As always, we adore Dior!

idior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-02 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-03 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-04 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-05 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-06 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-07 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-08 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-09 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-10 dior-homme-kris-van-ashe-autumn-winter-2016-pfw-11-set