Daks Autumn/Winter 2016 “Velvet and Sparkles”

Sunday, January 17, 2016 0 , , , , Permalink 0

A live orchestra was a great surprise presented by Daks in Milano. Showing in Italy at Milan Fashion Week is a great move for the British brand, and we enjoyed an Autumn/Winter 2016 range full of unexpected looks and pieces made of Velvet (be it a double breasted coat, or a pair of trousers), and adorned with bling pins as accessories on the collar, and as pins on the overcoats.


Outstanding the craft put onto making the cable knit sweaters and scarves, and the light-weight jumpers, which they feature the most gorgeous splash of marbleised colours on the front of the garment to add that eye-catching factor. Sparkles are also found on a few suits (made in bright red). and on shirts.

The styling is also very remarkable, the way the brand styled the models with a chunky fluffy hat was really to die for!


daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-aran-jumper-02 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-aran-jumper-04 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-checked-coat-05 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-finale-09 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-orchestra-10 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-set-03 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-set-06 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-velvet-07 daks-london-autumn-winter-2016-velvet-08