Coach 1941 Men’s Fall 2017

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Coach 1941 men’s fall 2017 collection was a true eye catcher, with pieces featuring bright colours, bold patches and peculiar prints with a hint to the 70’s. After all, the brand’s main consumer are millennials, and we all know how making the difference with what you wear can improve your presence.


On PFW day 3, we managed to visit the showroom near Opera, and we got a tour and a good close up look at the collection presented in New York along with the Women’s pre fall. The shows are incredibly exciting, but sometimes, taking a step back and actually look at the little details, feel the texture of each garment and talk to the PRs (and even stop for a coffee and Madeleine), goes a longer way in understanding the designer’s vision and skills.


Among our favourite pieces, we definitely love the shearling coats (almost a classic for the brand), the colourful varsity jackets with space patches on the arms, and the amazing bright accessories with NASA printed all over (you can even see the T-rex wearing a space helmet and a jet pack).


Below, all the photos taken at the presentation, along with three of our favourite looks from the runway show


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