Christian Pellizzari Autumn/Winter 2016

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Christian Pellizzari Autumn/Winter 2016 was full of unexpected pieces and a craftmanship delivered and seen only by professionals like him. The details on the overcoats (such as the fine red dip detail on the back of the blazer), and the lace used (or shining textures) on a suit truly showed his potential as a great designer fusing baroque inspirations with modern pieces. 


The brand is still growing, but it’s getting stronger each season, and while Christian is continuing his work mixing art and architecture with fashion, he’s also managing to make beautiful and elegant collections full of intricate techniques, that all have a special finesse that is hard to find.


christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-coat-red-02 christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-coat-red-03 christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-coat-red-06 christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-coat-red-sparkles-suit-08 christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-details christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-lace-suit christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-suit-red-details christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-suit-red christian-pellizzari-autumn-winter-2016-mfw-velvet-coat