Cerruti 1881 Spring/Summer 2018

Saturday, June 24, 2017 0 , , , Permalink 1

Cerruti’s creative designer Jason Basmajian delivered yet another chic collection, putting together elements from the past and re-inventing them with an even cooler twist. This Spring/Summer 18 collection was all about the 1980s and Miami Vice. Models were sent down the runway wearing deconstructed suits, well tailored coats, matching striped tops and trousers and luxury knits featuring a modern cropped Cerruti logo.


The colour palette was incredible, with splashes of bright yellow (that palm leaf golden yellow windbreaker is what we need, pronto!) to a mellower ochra , from deep navy blue to a steel teal, and lots and lots of cream, seen in trousers, cuban shirts and even in leather snakers.


The show venue was also changed, from the chic Place Vendome, to the outstanding Grand Palais. What can we say? Well played Cerruti, well played.


Below, you can enjoy some of our favourite looks and photos taken at the show

cerruti-1881-ss18-02 cerruti-1881-ss18-03 cerruti-1881-ss18-04 cerruti-1881-ss18-05 cerruti-1881-ss18-06 cerruti-1881-ss18-07 cerruti-1881-ss18-08 cerruti-1881-ss18-09 cerruti-1881-ss18-10 cerruti-1881-ss18-11e