Cerruti 1881 Spring/Summer 2017

Saturday, June 25, 2016 0 , Permalink 1

Another crisp and elegant collection delivered by Parisian brand Cerruti 1881, featuring a range that is truly wearable, and youthful. Relaxed tailoring, incredible denim and camouflage prints all fused together to create outfits that made the models look very chic and sophisticated.



The camo-print made an appearance on back packs, shorts, and bomber jackets, available in both the classic green, and navy. Porte documents, sandals and leather back packs were among our favourite accessories, while the re-newed denim jackets were something different from the well executed suits.


Like for the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, this presentation was held at Place Vendome, one of my favourite places in Paris!


cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-02 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-03 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-04 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-05 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-06 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-07 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-08 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-09 cerruti-spring-summer-2017-menswear-10