Cerruti 1881 Autumn/Winter 2018

Creative director Jason Basmajian showcased Cerruti 1881 latest Autumn/Winter 2018 at Palais de Tokyo, on day 3 of Paris fashion week men’s. I have to admit I was very excited to be attending the show once more, as I find the brand to have incredibly chic pieces, and even this season, I wasn’t disappointed one bit.


Featuring 46 looks, Cerruti AW18 range was very refined, introducing splash of colours such as the pink overcoat and the mustard yellow rain jackets.

It feels very refreshing to have Jason playing with colours and creating boxy and relaxed silhouettes, as the brand is more known for its luxurious sartorial and timeless suits.


Military jackets, shearling leather snoods, and oversized back packs were introduced on the runway, and were also among our favourite pieces.

Basmajian once again, managed to impeccably fused the modern and his more fashionable vision with the core strength of the brand, creating a sophisticated collection that will surely be a favourite among the usual customers and the fashion crowd.


cerruti-1881-aw18-look-04 cerruti-1881-aw18-look-05-military-coat-snood cerruti-1881-aw18-look-06-military-back-pack cerruti-1881-aw18-look-08-military-coat cerruti-1881-aw18-set-02 cerruti-1881-aw18-set-03 cerruti-1881-aw18-set-04 cerruti-1881-aw18-set-08 cerruti-1881-aw18-set-09