Cerruti 1881 Autumn/Winter 2016 Presentation

Saturday, January 23, 2016 0 , Permalink 0

Parisian brand “Cerruti 1881” presented its F/W16 collection at Place de la Vendome in Paris, with a very refined and classic masculine collection under the creative direction of Jason Basmajian, who featured a range full of luxe overcoats, rain jackets, and dapper three piece-suits.


The designer took its inspiration from the elements of the earth, giving the collection earthy tones and marble and metal and mineral shades (such as graphite, and emerald green), but the colour palette tho striking, was only a support to a very strong range full of timeless pieces for the everyday use, and the more fashion-forward jackets in leather and shearling.


The different textures played a big part of this collection, as its built and craftsmanship are superb and add a very chic allure .



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