Canali Autumn/Winter 2016

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The new Canali man is a man with impeccable taste, he’s smart, and he’s able to ever-change his own style according to the seasons while remaining true to himself! He’s man of elegance, he has a good attitude and he likes to show it the world!

This Autumn/Winter 2016, Andrea Pompilio (Creative director of Canali) has yet again managed to surprise us with a new collection different from the previous ones, managing to give us exciting high-fashion pieces, and mixing them with the classic sartorial ones.


I’m always very excited whenever I’m attending Milan Fashion Week, and Canali is one of the shows I always look forward to see and discover with my own eyes.

The FW16 collection has plenty of different textures, from pony-hair as seen on the biker jacket (a key piece) to the strong fibres from the cable knit luxe sweaters. Patterns, and colours clash and complement each other, with tones of “Canali” yellow and red popping under a blazer, or as details underneath a chunky knitwear jumper.


The colour palette overall stays very neutral, with hues of blue, earthy colours and grey. The Accessory line is also very remarkable, featuring oversized calfskin weekenders and leather utility backpacks! Once again, Canali managed to wow us with this outstanding collection full of classic, revamped, but more than anything, new amazing pieces.


We can only say “BRAVO ANDREA”!

canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-04 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-look-07 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-look-pony-hair-jacket-clement-09 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-look-pony-hair-jacket-finale-10 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-look-pony-hair-jacket-finale-11 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-suit-02 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-suit-05 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-suit-06 canali-fall-winter-2016-milan-menswear-trenchcoat-03