Transitioning with Kirk and Kirk

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 0 , , Permalink 2

Last month I was invited to discover an amazing and quirky eyewear brand called “Kirk and Kirk” at the independent optician store in Kensington, South London. I really enjoyed the evening as It was all about finding the best shape frames for my face. Kirk and Kirk has incredible shapes, and funky bright colours, from the eye catching bright red to the more classic brown.


It took me probably half hour, as every single pair of glasses were simply stunning, but in the end, I decided to select the square shaped Victor in light brown and blue. I also chose blue lenses to create contrast with the brown frame, as Transition optical, a market-leading light adaptive lens brand, has just released new colours, (you can choose between Amber, Amethyst and Sapphire), meaning you can have fun with personalising your specs, while you get the convenience of having a great fashion pair of glasses that can protect you from the sun when needed!

Transition optical lets you match the lenses with many frames (so not only the Kirk and Kirk stylish glasses)  from Eyeworks opticians in Kensington.


You can see the detail photos below of the K&K frames, and a few I took of the event (you can see more glasses as well)



Ron x



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