The Windsor Effect: Muted Shades

Following the previous post “The Windsor Effect” featuring the British inspector look, Today I’m showing you guys the second part of my collaboration with menswear brand Samuel Windsor.

On this second post I decided to style another true British classic for the winter, the camel over coat. A statement piece that never runs out of style, and that is brought back each winter by many fashionistas and style appreciators. What I particularly loved about my Samuel Windsor coat, were the colour and the cut.


For starters, It wasn’t too long and it fitted me perfectly around the shoulder and the waist (It shouldn’t be too tight, nor too long! avoid it looking baggy and out of shape), and the most important thing, It wasn’t camel colour! Instead, more like a beige with a tint of ceramic pink in it, which makes it incredibly interesting and rarely seen in the streets.


It’s obvious to say that this choice of coat is perfect for the cold harsh winters, thanks to its cashmere/wool blend material, and it can be easily styled in a more casual way, or on top of another jacket, like a blazer, or a denim jacket for example.

In my case, I’ve matched the Camel coat with a fluffy textured sweater in light brown, and a pair of light beige trousers for a sophisticated look and to following the idea of picking muted shades.


In this set of photos, I’ve been wandering around the Marlborough private college, and I managed to find some amazing gates and railings to pose next to. Adding that British heritage feeling on each single picture!




So, which one is your favourite look, the British inspector, or the Sophisticated artista?


Ron x


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